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PATIENT MESSAGE: Clinical System Change 20 November 2019

Please order any medication due in November by 8th November at the latest.

  • There will be no pre-bookable appointments for doctors on weeks commencing 11th November until 22nd November, throughout this period.
  • Please book any routine blood tests before 11th November or after 22nd November.
  • There will be no routine service during this time.
  • Online services are being suspended with immediate effect. Please do not use this service as requests may not arrive. Online service users will be emailed to register for the new system after the 21st November.

Please be assured that if you wish to see or speak to a doctor on the day, this will be dealt with in the normal way. Our staff and doctors will be learning the new system, so we thank you in advance for your patience during this time.

For those patients who are on regular medication and are stable on all of their repeat medication, and have been for some time, Repeat Dispensing may be an option.  If the Doctor thinks that you are clinically appropriate then he/she can issue prescriptions at intervals of up to one year depending on the medication.  You will need to arrange an appointment to see Doctor to discuss and sign a consent form.

Patient’s can order their repeat prescriptions via 4 different pathways.
They Are:

  1. The Postal Service
  2. Personally bring request to surgery
  3. Via the Practice email system
  4. Using The Waiting Room (see below)

Please only order your tablets when required. This will help reduce stock piling of medications. Please remember prescription requests take 3 whole working days.

The 3 working days starts when we receive your instruction during a normal working day and does not start when you instruct a local pharmacy or put a prescription counterfoil through our letterbox if we are closed.

If you would like us to post the prescription back to you please enclose a stamped addressed envelope and allow one week. Ideally, all prescriptions should be ordered one week before they are needed.

For safety reasons requests cannot be accepted by telephone as this may lead to mistakes.  Some drugs have similar names and an error may easily occur.

The Waiting Room

We have the “The Waiting Room” software where you can order prescriptions and book some appointments in advance through a secure website. In order to be able to use this service you need to have an email address recorded on your computer record. You will be sent an email asking if you wish to sign up for The Waiting Room upon which you will have a unique login and password so only you can access the site.

Pre-Payment Certificates

If you are not entitled to free prescriptions, a ‘season ticket’ may save you money.  This is a prepayment certificate, please ask Reception for details.

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Click here to apply for your prepayment certificate